Apply for Grants

The Eastchester School Foundation has granted over $250,000 in support of programs proposed by the faculty and administration of the Eastchester Union Free School District, funding creative ideas at levels ranging from $200 to more than $6,000. This year we look forward to continuing our support of innovative proposals that expand the range of learning opportunities for our students.

Foundation Mission

The mission of the Eastchester School Foundation is to enrich academic, arts, and athletic programs that serve students in the Eastchester Union Free School District. The Foundation facilitates, enhances and financially supports worthy causes and special needs of the district, consistent with the philosophy of education of the Eastchester Schools.

Supporting Creative Projects through Grants

The Foundation achieves its mission by providing grants for creative programs that are not funded under the school district budget. We seek projects that are innovative, have significant educational impact and demonstrate the potential to deliver long-term benefits beyond the year of the grant.

The deadline for proposal submission is June 1, 2019

Click here to download a 2019 Grant Application.

How to Apply for a Grant

The grant proposal consists of a cover sheet, a narrative section, an itemized budget, and a conflict-of-Interest questionnaire (the questionnaire must be completed in order for funds to be dispersed to grantees). The narrative section should be used to convey a cohesive and thoughtful description of the proposed initiative. We encourage

applicants to view the narrative not as a “fill-in-the-blank” form but, rather, as a flexible template for summarizing the content, benefits, and financial requirements of their proposal. Our goal is to gather information in sufficient detail to support informed assessment of a proposal’s merits. Photos are welcome but not required.

Before submitting a proposal, applicants are requested to review it with their school principal to ensure it is compatible with district goals. If a proposal incorporates technology, your school principal may ask you to review it with the technology coordinator for the district, before he or she signs-off. Once the principal has completed reviewing the proposal and signed the cover sheet, applicants should scan and submit the proposal electronically to us via email at Applicants should also forward a signed original hard copy to the Eastchester School Foundation via the foundation’s mailbox in the District Office. Please address the envelope to the Grant Committee, Eastchester School Foundation.

We look forward to reading your proposal. Questions? Please contact us at