Brick Fundraiser

Building Our Foundation Brick by Brick

Thank you to the following donors for supporting our engraved paving brick fundraiser. If your name is not on our list, please consider purchasing a brick today! Brick Donation Form

*All new orders will be placed after the completion of the current construction

Eagle’s Nest Premium Brick - $1,000

2007 Football Team

Mr. and Mrs. R. Cacciola

Mr. and Mrs. P. Doyle

Eastchester High School PTA

Jake and Lia Fogliano

Ms. M. Michels

Ms. M. Murray

Mr. D. Palumbo

Mr. and Mrs. J. Riccio

Mr. Robert Ruscoe

Ms. C. Savage-Frokic

Eagle’s Nest Brick - $150

Ms. Hiroshi Abe

Brendan and Elizabeth Ahern

Mr. and Mrs. P. Albano

The Anello Family

Mr. J. Arcidiacono

Ms. P. Baldino

Peter and Mary Ellen Barbieri

Ms. W. Brody

Ms. D. Brooks

Mr. and Mrs. M. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. M. Calano

Mr. and Mrs. R. Cangro

Mr. and Mrs. R. Carinci

Ms. A. Cascione

Mr. and Mrs. A. Cassese

Mr. A. Centrone

Mr. and Mrs. A. Chiodi

Brian Cimons

Ms. K. Cirillo

Mr. and Mrs. P. Comas

Mr. and Mrs. J. Conti

Ms. S. Corrado

Ms. C. Cullen

Ms. E. Daly

Mr. W. Deegan

Mr. M. Dell Aera

Ms. A. DiCarlo

Mr. and Mrs. L. DiFrancesco

Ms. E. DiNapoli

Mr. and Mrs. L. DiPasquale

Mr. P. DiSanto

Ms. N. diTargiani

Mr. and Mrs. J. Doherty

Eastchester Eagles Sports Club

Eastchester Middle School PTA

Eastchester SEPTA

Eastchester Teachers’ Association

EHS Class of 1961

EHS Class of 2011

EHS Class of 2012

EHS Class of 2013

EHS Class of 2014

EHS Players Club

Mr. D. Ewing

Mr. Henry D. (Hank) Fellows, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Filiberti

Mr. C. Fiori

John and Judy Fix

Mr. and Mrs. G. Flamio

Mr. and Mrs. D. Flannery

Mr. and Mrs. D. Florio

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Fusaro

Mr. S. Gaffney

Joe and Toni Gamils

Mr. and Mrs. R. Gauzza

Ms. D. Gebhardt

Ms. J. Gendusa

Ms. N. Gherardi

Girl Scout Troop #2508

Mr. and Mrs. W. Gorman

Mr. and Mrs. D. Grant

Green Knolls/Greenvale Neighbors

Mr. and Mrs. J. Gresia

Ms. T. Gulotta

Adam and Therese Gurian

Ms. A. Holzberg

Mr. J. Hunter

Mr. and Mrs. W. Ives

Ms. S. Kearns

Mr. P. Kim

Ms. M. Kissel

Mr. and Mrs. J. Krippel

Mr. and Mrs. D. Kubaska

Mr. and Mrs. M. Kutzin

Gino LaVerghetta

Mr. and Mrs. J. Leone

Mr. A. Leven

Mr. J. Liao

Mr. J. Limekiller

Ms. S. Liptack Reilly

Mr. E. Lischinsky

Ms. S. Longlade

Ms. C. Lopez-Levy

Ms. E. Maddalena

Mr. and Mrs. J. Manning

Ms. J. Manno

Mr. and Mrs. V. Mardikian

Ms. L. Margiotta DiSanto

Mr. and Mrs. J. Martin

Mr. and Mrs. D. Massi

The McCluskey Family

Ms. M. McMahon

Ms. M. McManus

Candace and Ralph Medici

Mr. J. Melendez

Ms. M. Melnyk

Ms. B. Meneghin

CJ Moy

Mr. and Mrs. V. Moy

Dr. R. Muldoon Dahlen-Hartfield

Dr. H. Murtha

The Napoli Family

Mr. R. Nicklas

Ms. B. Nieminen

Mr. A. Nunno

Ms. L. Oakes

Mr. and Mrs. E. Otobo

Ms. G. Papitto

Ms. R. Pheifer

Mr. and Mrs. P. Pinto

Mr. Lee Platt

The Pushkal Family

Ms. V. Quinn

Mr. S. Ranellone

Ms. N. Ranck Lee

Ms. A. Renaldo-Sacchet

Ms. L. Ridulfo

Ms. D. Ryan

Mr. R. Sandler

Mr. and Mrs. L. Satriale

Mr. and Mrs. J. Schachinger

Ms. E. Schaefer

Ms. K. Schivley

Ms. C. Simels

Ms. M. Stapleton

Mr. B. Stern

Dr. M. Taddeo-Spinelli

Dr. M. Terranova

Mr. and Mrs. F. Tillman

Chris and Toni Tiso

Mr. J. Todaro

Ms. L. Verdisco

Ms. D. Vukel

Mr. T. Wade

Mr. and Mrs. A. Weingarten

Mr. S. Wynne

Ms. Ayaha Yamazaki

Mr. and Mrs. J. Zeolla