Frequently Asked Questions...

Why an Eastchester School Foundation?

The Eastchester School Foundation will provide many benefits to our children, teachers, parents and community. The Foundation is intended to supplement funds, beyond those normally provided by tax revenues and government funding, in order to enhance the excellence of the district's educational programs.

Isn't it something that will just benefit those residents with children in school?

One of the principle goals of the Foundation is to encourage the involvement of parents and the community as a whole, in improving the quality of education in the school district. The benefits of a truly renown and robust educational experience in Eastchester inures to the good of all. Beyond the obvious benefit of maintaining high property values, an outstanding school system helps to ensure that the quality of life in our town remains high for future generations.

What has been the experience of other towns and their foundations?

Very positive- we have examined the impact of other school foundations and found that by encouraging the development of innovative educational programs, foundations often act as a catalyst for all members of the school community. Administrators, faculty members, students and parents are encouraged to identify new and exciting programs and to incorporate them into the educational experience.

Are there any non-financial benefits generated by a foundation?

Yes- by encouraging community involvement and awareness, a foundation could be instrumental in generating a heightened spirit of enthusiasm and support for the School District. In addition, a better understanding and appreciation of the strengths and needs of the District to assist its Administrators and Trustees in formulating future programming and budgets.

Is the foundation similar to a Parent-Teachers Association? What is its relationship with the school system?

Although the Foundation would work with all of the parties within the school system- administration, Board of Education, teachers, etc.- the Foundation is an independent entity. In fact, it is specifically structured as a separate, not-for-profit organization and is registered with the State of New York, Department of Education, and with the Internal Revenue Service. It has 501(c)(3) status.

How is the Foundation structured?

The Foundation includes a Board of Directors with Offices that include a President, Vice Presidents, a Treasurer and a Secretary. The district's Superintendent of Schools is an ex official member, as is a representative from the District's Board of Education. Other directors are derived from the community. The Foundation also comprises a number of committees, including a Development Committee (to raise funds), Program Committee (to determine how the funds can be used), a Nominating Committee (to recruit new members), a Publicity Committee (to generate participation within the community) and a Finance and Audit Committee. It is possible to form other committees as necessary. Where appropriate, a committee might have one or more subcommittees.

How can you participate?

The Foundation is currently looking for volunteers to chair or work on various committees. In addition, donations will be gladly accepted. As a tax-exempt organization registered with the State of New York and the IRS with 501(c)(3) status, the Foundation qualifies for matching grants from many companies and corporations. For additional information about the Foundation or to make a contribution, please contact one of our board members or e-mail us.