2010 Grants

The Eastchester School Foundation continues its mission to enrich academics, the arts, and the athletic programs for all students. Grants to the Eastchester Union Free School District totaled almost $22,000 in 2010. The following grants were made by the Foundation and the results can now be seen in action in the classroom!

Eastchester High School


A web-based program that promotes originality and instills proper citation techniques in writing through an analysis of submitted assignments. Program Sponsor: Mr. Fiore

Castle Learning – Pilot Program

A web-based tool supporting classroom instruction through content-related review assignments, practice sessions, and benchmark testing. Students are provided with over 50,000 field-tested questions supported by defined vocabulary, reference tables, hints, and reasons for correct answers in math, science, social studies, English, and foreign languages.

Program Sponsors: Ms. Zeller and Mr. Fermann

Creating a Sustainable Garden

A hands-on laboratory-based experience designed to provide an understanding of the interaction and interdependence of living organisms on earth through growing seedlings and creating a sustainable garden.

Program Sponsor: Ms. Woods-Ray

Eastchester Middle School

Climbing and Adventurous Activities

Climbing equipment supporting activities that focus on the physical, social, mental, and emotional growth of students.

Program Sponsor: Mr. Richter

The Vespa Project

An in-class workshop designed to develop basic mechanical and teamwork skills through the restoration of a Vespa by technology students.

Program Sponsor: Mr. Boissonnault

Anne Hutchinson

Tracking Our SMARTS

Interactive handheld remotes, receiver, and software system that will enable teachers to create tests and manage, track, and evaluate results. Integrates with SMART Boards used in classrooms.

Program Sponsors: Ms. Collins and Ms. Maldari


Greenvale School Store

Creation of a mobile school store run by students, which will introduce students to basic business skills focusing on mathematics and the concepts of money.

Program Sponsor: Ms. Gamils


Learning Through Building

Provide students with building blocks and the opportunity to use their imagination, social, and spatial skills. Foster creative and innovative thinkers.

Program Sponsor: Ms. Engborg

Creativity Through Classroom Play

Provide students with materials and the opportunity to play and build while learning about real-life situations. Foster creative thinking, abstract learning, and spatial skills.

Program Sponsor: Ms. Borsella

Multiple Intelligence – Reaching All Learners

Provide students with materials and the opportunity to learn and demonstrate their knowledge through different areas of intelligence (linguistic, logical/mathematical, visual/spatial, musical, intrapersonal, interpersonal, and bodily/kinesthetic).

Program Sponsor: Ms. Dachik

Collaborative First Grade Garden Lab

Creation of a garden laboratory, which will allow students to work together to investigate and explore the specific aspects of plant growth from seed to full grown plants.

Program Sponsors: Ms. Saraco and Ms. Garrett

Multiple Eastchester Schools

SMART Math Tools

Software that greatly enhances the caliber of mathematical instruction on SMART Boards used in classrooms. Features include equation solving, dynamic graphing, and advanced shape manipulation.

Program Sponsor: Mr. Caraccio

Math Fact Fluency with FlashMaster

A handheld digital alternative to math flashcards. Enables students to enhance speed and accuracy of math skills by providing timed questions and tracking incorrect answers for future practice.

Program Sponsor: Mr. Hattar