2011 Grants

The Eastchester School Foundation continues its mission to enrich academics, the arts, and the athletic programs for all students. Grants to the Eastchester Union Free School District totaled over $19,000 in 2011. The following are the varied and exciting initiatives made possible by grants from the Foundation in 2011.

Eastchester High School

The Bronx River Watershed Awareness: Point Source and Non-Point Source Pollution

A hands-on experience that will provide students with an understanding of the interaction and interdependency of human activities and the environment, particularly our watersheds, utilizing laboratory equipment. This program will enable students to track pollution from point and nonpoint sources and solutions using manipulatives.

Program Sponsor: Ms. Woods-Ray

Middle East Awareness Project

Provide students with printed copies of Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood by Marjane Satrapi, which will be integrated into the English and Social Studies curriculum as a supplement to existing course work. This program will focus on enhancing students’ understanding of the Middle East and enabling students to explore the sub-surface of a text.

Program Sponsors: Ms. Lieto and Ms. Longo

Eastchester Middle School

Bringing the Common Core Standards into Math Classes

Provide teachers with supplemental classroom materials focused on implementing the Common Core Standards of New York State’s modified mathematics curriculum. Common Core Standards are part of a national movement to improve education.

Program Sponsor: Ms. Cohen

Solar Speedster Project

A technology enrichment project focused on enhancing classroom exploration of alternative energy sources through the construction of an operational solar powered vehicle. This project integrates national content standards with technology education through analysis, inquiry, design, and interdisciplinary problem solving.

Program Sponsor: Mr. Boissonnault

Trout in the Classroom

A hands-on activity providing students with the opportunity to raise trout from eggs.This program will be delivered using an interdisciplinary approach (Science and Social Studies), and focus on topics such as water chemistry, watersheds, pollution, topographic mapping, environmental awareness, and conservation conscious values.

Program Sponsors: Mr. Chertok and Mr. Cirasella

Anne Hutchinson

Japanese Art & Culture

A cross-curriculum initiative focused on engaging students in the culture and traditions of Japan and teaching cultural tolerance. The program will be integrated with Japanese Culture Week and incorporate Japanese art, music, and dress.

Program Sponsor: Ms. Zohar

Keep it Growing

Provide an irrigation system for the Anne Hutchinson Garden and Composting Project previously sponsored by the Eastchester School Foundation. This program will provide much needed water to the garden beds currently used as an interactive classroom learning experience.

Program Sponsor: Mr. O’Neil

Leap into Learning

Enhance learning through the implementation of lessons that address the learning styles and multiple intelligences of individual students. This program will focus on retaining and utilizing learned strategies, demonstrating a comprehensive base of knowledge of learned skills/strategies, increasing internal motivation for learning, improving positive social interaction between peers, and increasing independence level when working on a given task.

Program Sponsor: Ms. Valentine


Math Centers

Creation of three to five math activity stations for students to rotate among and review topics or be introduced to new topics. This program will offer students an opportunity to use more hands-on activities to learn and/or review concepts, work in cooperative groups, and use different learning modalities.

Program Sponsor: Ms. O’Hara

Math Fact Fluency with FlashMaster

A handheld digital alternative to math flashcards. Enables students to enhance speed and accuracy of math skills by providing timed questions and tracking incorrect answers for future practice.

Program Sponsor: Ms. Gamils

Math Partners

A math-based game (24 Game) and the creation of a club focused on developing essential math skills across multiple grade levels using a fun, engaging, and creative approach to learning. This program will target each grade level’s curriculum standards while allowing students in different grade levels to interact.

Program Sponsor: Ms. Gamils


Preparing Children for Success in the 21st Century

Provide learning materials that go beyond the typical classroom materials and that focus on developing students as independent, responsible, logical, analytical, and social learners. This program will target digital age literacy, inventive thinking, superior interactive communication, and quality results in order to build productive and competitive members of 21st century society.

Program Sponsor: Ms. Dachik

Say Cheese!

Provide students with digital cameras and related supplies to be used as part of structured class activities. This program will focus on enhancing visual learning, writing skills, and social interaction, and integrating additional technology into the classroom.

Program Sponsor: Ms. Tortorella

Interactive Listening Center

Increase reading fluency and comprehension of students through access to books on audiotapes/CDs as part of a guided reading program.This program will provide students with models of fluent reading and repeated oral reading through audiotapes/CDs, peer guidance, and teachers.

Program Sponsors: Ms. Borsella and Ms. Engborg

Kindergarten Memory Book

Provide supplies necessary for the construction of incoming kindergarten student memory books, which will help prepare students for their entry into Waverly’s full day program and include various basic learning activities.

Program Sponsor: Ms. Casey