2013 Grants

The Eastchester School Foundation continues its mission to enrich academics, the arts, and the athletic programs for all students. The following are the varied and exciting initiatives made possible by grants from the Foundation in 2013.

Eastchester High School

Teaching Artists in the Classroom

This program brings teaching artists into the classroom to enrich the artistic educational experience of our students. By providing direct encounters with artists, this program offers our students a multitude of artistic perspectives and exposure to professional level work. These experiences help foster a greater appreciation of the arts, broaden our students’ experience, and deepen our students’ ability to think critically.

Program Sponsor: S. Vigliani

Girls on Guard

A course that certifies our physical education staff to teach the “Girls on Guard” program to our high school female students as part of our physical education curriculum. Steve Kardian (one the nation’s go-to experts on issues of women’s safety, crime prevention and risk reduction) has an intensive training course that certifies our teachers on how to administer the program in our school. This program teaches our female students how to be proactive when it comes to their personal safety and how and when to react if a situation occurs.

Program Sponsor: J. Karol

Seminar Day

Provided funds for EHS Sixth Annual Seminar Day. It’s a day to devote to an important topic of interest. This year, Seminar Day will provide students with learning opportunities that transcend the four walls of Eastchester High School. Students will have the occasion to learn experientially through trips within our community and the surrounding area. Students will be able to choose from among multiple trips focusing on the arts, sciences, history, and physical education.

Program Sponsors: C. Fiore, P. Principio

Eastchester Middle School

Meaningful Minerals

A selection of minerals that go along with lab activities all eighth grade students complete during their Geology unit of study. These mineral samples will not only be beautiful but will show many more identifiable characteristics than small lab samples show. These samples will be helpful to both Regents Earth Science and Intermediate Level Science students.

Program Sponsor: J. Hugick

Project Rewind

Provide a program from Nurses’ Network of America that focuses on the dangers of alcohol toxicity and the steps teens can take to save a friend. This informative presentation covers the dangers of binge drinking, corrects the myths associated with alcohol, and provides relevant facts and helps students make appropriate decisions.

Program Sponsor: D. Salierno

Photos thru EMS

The School District is now building a new Global Technology suite that will include a designated computer area to be used to advance our new engineering and STEM curriculum, while also growing our photography curriculum. This grant will provide eighth grade students with additional digital camera kits for their Global Technology class. In the global market of the world we live, such skills for image production and enhancement are essential as we compete in a multi-media world.

Program Sponsor: T. Boissonnault

Star Assessment

EMS will be using a computer-based tracking system, STAR Assessments, to determine each student’s current ability level in both ELA and mathematics. Sixth grade students, students in the ESL program, and new students that enter EMS from other schools will take this brief assessment several times throughout the year to chart their progress and help guide instruction and remediation planning. The ESF funded additional iPads in order to administer the assessments.

Program Sponsor: S. Wynne

Anne Hutchinson School

Hands on Learning

Provide materials necessary for a student-centered, interactive classroom. These supplies will help create unique lessons in mathematics, reading and writing that are engaging, motivating, and hands-on for all students. It will help students take control of their learning, review skills that they’ve learned and challenge themselves to go further in their thinking. Students are motivated through games, technology and interactive lessons.

Program Sponsor: J. O’Hare

Common Core Differentiation

Incorporate new guided reading books for small group instruction within the classroom. The books will be used to enhance the book club units. The games will reinforce the new common core curriculum updates and allow for student engagement. These materials will reinforce taught concepts for reading and math, math manipulatives and reading activities for struggling, as well as advanced, readers.

Program Sponsors: L. Vertucci, L. Imperia

Differentiated Instruction

Materials will provide an alternative/differentiated approach to learning. The materials are visual, tactile, auditory, and use multi-modalities to engage the learner. These materials provide a hands-on approach, which has been very beneficial to the success of our more challenged learners. The program will support group work to address differentiating instruction and provide tools and strategies to continue to develop a love of learning within our students.

Program Sponsor: C. Urena

Flip Cameras in the Classroom

Provide a Flip Camera in the classroom to support the new Common Core curriculum. Make strategic use of digital media and visual displays of data to express information and enhance understanding of presentations. Some projects being considered are welcome videos, interviews, monthly book projects and narrating picture books.

Program Sponsor: J. Rogan

Garden Additions

Provide additional materials for developing a better outdoor classroom. Students will benefit by developing an understanding of concepts from ecology to nutrition. Students will learn about planting and harvesting, sustainability, weather, companion planting, plant life cycles, the food chain and cooperation. All content areas can be taught through the garden.

Program Sponsor: J. Vinci

Literary Journal

Support the creation of a literary journal. The literary journal will be a monthly/bi-monthly newsletter run by teacher coordinators, which will be distributed throughout the school. Every grade level will be involved developing short stories, poetry, photography, interviews or other forms of writing the students propose. This program will help students communicate their ideas, prove arguments, write creatively and express themselves.

Program Sponsors: K. Barba, D. Carter, K. Collins, M. Daitch, N. Lagerwey, F. Maldari, M. Schur

Excel with XTL

XTL math, the web’s most comprehensive math site, is an effective, researched-based program for improving math acheivement and inspiring enthusiasm for math. They offer complete coverage math curricula in a fun, interactive environment that encourages students to practice until they master the skill. XTL also features individualized learning tools and a motivating awards system.

Program Sponsor: L. Phy

Greenvale School

Integrating Digital Literacy into the 21st Century Classroom

This program will enhance the English and Language Arts program by including more digital texts in day-to-day teaching. Providing students the opportunity to learn how to use digital media by bringing e-books into the classroom will allow an increase in the amount of resources and provide students with increased accessibility to fiction and informational books on a wide variety of topics. These books can be used for research and independent reading, and in guided reading groups.

Program Sponsors: N. Malone, L. Pesce, S. Arnone

VersaTiles Building Skills in Comprehension and Vocabulary

VersaTiles helps teachers meet rising expectations with a hands-on learning system that builds skills and supports Common Core standards. This activity reinforces important skills and concepts while engaging students by responding in the form of a puzzle. VersaTiles not only helps students gain a better understanding of reading skills they are learning, but also engages students and builds confidence through experience.

Program Sponsor: C. LoVecchio

F-A-C-E Lift for Band

Provide funds for an instrument substitute plan and face lift for the band room percussion section. This program allows for an extra instrument to be available to students during their instructional period or if an instrument is out being repaired.

Program Sponsor: A. Smith

Waverly School

Kindergarten Memory Book

Provide supplies necessary for the construction of incoming kindergarten student memory books, which will help prepare students for their entry into Waverly’s full day program and include various basic learning activities.

Program Sponsor: J. Casey

Literacy for Life

Provide materials necessary to encourage an enjoyable reading and learning experience for our students. This will create an environment in our Waverly Library that brings together the ideals of community, cooperation, and a sharing of ideas in a way that is both exciting and new for our students. This program will create a more home-like and comfortable learning environment. Our students will be able to receive a reading and learning experience that will bring a great deal of joy and comfort to them.

Program Sponsor: D. Dachik