2014 Grants

The Eastchester School Foundation continues its mission to enrich academics, the arts, and the athletic programs for all students. The following are the varied and exciting initiatives made possible by grants from the Foundation in 2014 totaling over $30,000 in funds.

Eastchester High School

Academy Style Painting Workshop

Bringing artists into the classroom enriches the artistic educational experience for Eastchester students. Through direct encounters with working artists, students gain a broader artistic perspective and exposure to professional level work and technique that would not otherwise be possible. These experiences foster a greater appreciation of the arts among student and deepen their ability to think critically.

Program Sponsor: S. Vigliani

Literary History of Westchester County

In a guided visit to Washington Irving’s home at Sunnyside, 11th Grade students examine primary documents, tour the author’s home, and learn more about his biography and the creation of his stories. Students walk away from this experience with much greater understanding and appreciation of the cultural and literary heritage surrounding them in the communities of the lower Hudson Valley

Program Sponsor: B. Johnson

Introduction to the Masters at the MET

In a sponsored visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Drawing and Painting students connect with the works of art by engaging in a guided discussion of composition relating to space, the use of light, and paint technique. Ultimately, students will learn how to analyze a work of art and find personal meaning in the experience.

Program Sponsor: D. Johnson

Seminar Day

EHS Annual Seminar Day engages the entire student body for one day in activities devoted to an important topic of interest. This year’s theme, entitled “Eastchester Olympics,” was built around a series of athletic, artistic and intellectual challenges, through which students competed “for the gold.” Students were organized into 5 teams to accrue points through five performance-based and task-based challenges, each of which called for students to apply engineering, artistic, historic, and athletic abilities—and work together--throughout the day.

Program Sponsors: C. Fiore/P. Principio

Design Culture, Digital Lab

Through access to MacBooks equipped with Adobe Photoshop Elements for a digital lab, students have the opportunity to acquire real-world production experience consistent with the industry standard in graphic design and digital media. Funding computers for the digital lab supports a design program focused on teaching visual communication problem solving. The goal is for every student to be able to develop a portfolio of work that will allow them to pursue a career in design and continue their education at art colleges or universities.

Program Sponsor: R. Sydlowski

Reading Writing thru 21st Century Technology

This program, jointly funded with SEPTA, provides iPads equipped with apps targeted to developing organizational, time management and study skills for students in EHS’s 9th grade academic core English classes. It also includes apps that address language and grapho-motor deficits. The goal is to use iPads in the classroom to reach students in ways that will help them in their current studies as well as prepare them for the rigors of higher education.

Program Sponsor: E. Chazen & K. Bellinzoni

Eastchester Middle School


Provided funds so all 8th graders can use advanced WeatherBug system for their meteorology unit, touching 250 students through 3 science teachers and 2 special education teachers. The program funding allows Eastchester’s meteorology curriculum to go far beyond basic NY state standards to connect and engage them with the how and why of weather as it happens.

Program Sponsor: J. Hugick

Project Rewind

Through the Nurses’ Network of America, this program focuses on the dangers of alcohol toxicity and the steps teens can take to save a friend. This informative presentation covers the dangers of binge drinking, corrects the myths associated with alcohol, and provides relevant facts and helps students make appropriate decisions.

Program Sponsor: D. Salierno

Interactive Gymnasium

In a joint effort with the EMSPTA, the foundation is sponsoring an interactive system that allows access to health & fitness websites in the gymnasium to facilitate instruction. This project will benefit all students, as the equipment provided can also be used for Dignity Act lessons and after-school programs, such as intramurals or modified sports and Jazz Co.

Program Sponsor: S. Monteiro

Digital Denizen iMovie Video Project

By providing MacBooks and iWork programs, the foundation is supporting the Library Information literacy 6th grade curriculum on Digital Citizenship, which seeks to thoughtfully engage students in the ethical and responsible use of technology in a world in which play and work are increasingly driven by digital media.

Program Sponsor: E. Schuster

International Night/Multi Cultural Event

EMS International Night is a “live” extension of the International Club. The purpose of International Night is to celebrate the diversity that exists in our school community. Students work together and participate by performing, assisting in event preparation and helping behind the scenes during the celebration.

Program Sponsor: L. Astarita, J. Logan, K. Radai

Anne Hutchinson School


School and home subscriptions to Flocabulary provide 5th grade students an online resource for help learning and reviewing material in all academic areas in a highly engaging way through rap songs and videos. Flocabulary songs, videos and exercises meet Common Core objectives in ELA and math, and their engaging material for social studies and science supports interdisciplinary literacy practice.

Program Sponsors: J. Rogan

Greenvale School

Voice Recorders to Improve Reading and Writing

Asking students to read their written words aloud for digital voice recorders is one of the most effective strategies for improving writing and linguistic skills. This grant will enable 4th grade students to record their reading and writing and then listen to their words through earbuds, so they can “hear” the areas where they can improve.

Program Sponsors: T. Gamils

Anne Hutchinson & Greenvale Schools

Excel in Math with IXL

After sponsoring a successful pilot, ESF is funding a subcription to IXL math that will be accessible to students in both elementary in the district. IXL is a comprehensive math web site that engages students through a researched-based program for improving math acheivement while inspiring enthusiasm for math. IXL brings complete coverage of math curricula in a fun, interactive environment that encourages students to practice and master skills through individualized learning tools and a motivating award system.

Program Sponsor: L. Phy

Waverly School

Budding Artists

Creating art through a variety of materials provides young children with the opportunity to sequence projects from beginning to end, to express feelings and emotions, and to work collaboratively. Through these experiences, students grow accustomed to thinking creatively and build self-confidence.

Program Sponsor: J. Garrett

We Like to Move it Move it!

Movement breaks are brief intervals that enable all students to move their bodies and help teachers to engage learners actively in non-didactic ways. Quick frequent breaks help keep students focused on learning. Resource books and CDs for movement breaks help keep teachers supplied with fresh ideas and materials that are engaging and appropriate for young learners.

Program Sponsor: R. Tortorella

Waverly Loud and Clear

This portable sound system compliments last year’s grant for a portable platform stage and backdrop for student performances at Waverly. One of the most important lessons we impart with young learners is that what they have to say is important. If we show them that we value and want to hear what they have to say, students learn to feel more comfortable, confident and respectful as they express themselves in various settings. They also learn to be respectful when others are speaking, as part of successful speaking is also learning to be considerate to others by listening.

Program Sponsor: J. Batz