2016 Grants

The Eastchester School Foundation continues its mission to enrich academics, the arts, and the athletic programs for all students. The following are the varied and exciting initiatives made possible by grants from the Foundation in 2016 totaling over $32,000 in funds.

Eastchester High School

Maker Studio

The Maker Studio will allow students to learn new skills across varied disciplines such as metals fabrication, digital and analog manipulation of images, sculpture and printmaking. Students will have the opportunity to create objects and images using a variety of skills and approaches.

Program Sponsor: R. Sydlowski/P.Perry

Student Filmmakers

This program gives an amazing opportunity to many students who are looking for something in school when they do not always feel like they fit in elsewhere, an environment where they feel they can be themselves and create. What is granted are student production kits consisting of cameras, lights and sound equipment. This equipment will help to maintain and improve upon the quality of work the students have produced over the years.

Program Sponsor: M. Goldstein

Music Therapy

Research supports connections between speech and singing, rhythm and motor behavior, memory for song and memory for academic material, and the overall ability of preferred music to enhance mood, attention, and behavior to optimize the student’s ability to learn and interact. This grant, co-sponsored with SEPTA, expands the music therapy program already provided by a private donor foundation and SEPTA to the HS intensive needs classroom.

Program Sponsor: J. Gedge/C. Walpole

Players Club Headsets

Students work for months preparing for the Players Club performances each year. New wireless microphones would enhance the abilities to be heard for the Players club members as well as for the audience members to hear more clearly.

Program Sponsors: J. Gwardiak

Eastchester Middle School


Brainology introduces students to the idea of a growth, rather than a fixed mindset. It is based on the work of Carol Dweck and it is designed to teach students how the brain learns, remembers and changes as it is exercised. Students learn that they are in control of their brain and its development. Designed for grades 5-9, Brainology is a blended learning program that provides a practical set of skills and strategies for addressing academic challenges.

Program Sponsor: J.Blaser/M. Bernaducci

Musical Instruments (Band)

In an effort to continue the advancement of our wonderful music program, instruments are necessary for our band. The purchase would increase the variety of instrumentation throughout the district buildings, not just the HS/MS.

Program Sponsor: D. Zantay

Science of Botany

For supplies used for the EMS Science class of Ms. Wilson to assist in hands on learning with the Botany chapters. The students will grow their own “mini-gardens”.

Program Sponsor: S. WIlson

International Night/Multi Cultural Event

EMS International Night is a “live” extension of the International Club. The purpose of International Night is to celebrate the diversity that exists in our school community. Students work together and participate by performing, assisting in event preparation and helping behind the scenes during the celebration.

Program Sponsor: L. Astarita, J. Logan, K. Shay

Anne Hutchinson School

Dog Days @ Anne Hutch

Canine- Integrated therapy sessions are shown to have positive effects on children with special needs sociability, self-confidence, and emotional development, among other advantages. This grant, shared with SEPTA, allows therapy dogs, Irvine and Eleanor, to attend sessions with each of the 4 self contained classes in Anne Hutchinson.

Program Sponsors: A. Guarniero/V.Bhat

Aeroponic Veg Tower Gardens

Our goal is to bring the outdoors into the classroom with this proposal. Using a Tower Garden, which is a vertical, aeroponic growing system, we can grow up to 20 vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers in less than three square feet. Using aeroponics—the same technology NASA uses—Tower Garden grows plants with only water and nutrients rather than dirt. The students will learn about all the necessary nutrients needed to grow healthy vegetables and how the aeroponic system works to deliver them.

Program Sponsor: D. O’Neill

Greenvale School


Learning environments rich with possibilities, Makerspaces serve as gathering points where communities of new and experienced makers connect to work on real and personally meaningful projects, informed by helpful mentors and expertise, using new technologies and traditional tools.

Program Sponsors: T. Gamils

Waverly School

Memory Book

Provide supplies necessary for the construction of incoming kindergarten student memory books, which will help prepare students for their entry into Waverly’s full day program and include various basic learning activities.

Program Sponsor: R. McArdle


I-Learn supports teachers and students with more flexible delivery options, easier learning and administration, and higher levels of success. Individualized, supplemental support accelerates progress for every student - below grade level, on grade level or above.

Program Sponsor: R. Torterella