2017 Grants

The Eastchester School Foundation continues its mission to enrich academics, the arts, and the athletic programs for all students. The following are the varied and exciting initiatives made possible by grants from the Foundation in 2017.

Eastchester High School

Library of Congress: Brown

Art Lecture Series: Sydlowski/Johnson

Student Filmakers: Goldstein

Film Festival: Goldstein

James Gedge: Music Therapy

Eastchester High School/Middle School

Stem Invention Literacy Kit: Schuster

Eastchester Middle School

Elmo Visualizer for 8th gr science: Hugick/Chertok/Lotto

Acoustic Vocal Booth: Blaser

Chromebooks: Principal Josh Elder

International Night: Asterita/Shay/Logan/Leptak

Trout in a classroom: Chertok - Cirasella

Botany Expansion: Wilson

Anne Hutchinson/Greenvale

Completion of Elem Band: Zantay

Anne Hutchinson

Canine Therapy-3rd Time's a Charm: Bhat-Guarniero

Hallway Heroes: Rogan

Greenvale School

Connecting Historical Eastchester: Malone/Kaufman

STEM Activities: Gamils

Waverly School

Flexible Seating: Koller-Porta

Memory Book: McArdle

School Foundation

Sakura Festival: Chiaki